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Birthday Wishes!

Just sending Happy Birthday vibes into the universe for the amazing Lindsay Wagner


Bionic Woman Season 2

Have you preordered yours yet? You can at Amazon.com, Overstock.com, Target...I have no preference so I'm not going to endorse one, but I do hope you all have put in your orders. It should ship on May 17.

Now to wait for word for Season 3!

And I heard that she'll be back on Warehouse 13, but I need to find details.

Season Two is coming in May!

Universal Studios announced that Bionic Woman Season 2 DVDs will be released on May 17! It includes commentary by Lindsay Wagner. Bionic and Beyond has the details

Bionic Bonansa at Austin ComicCon!

Lindsay Wagner is going to be joining both Lee Majors and Richard Anderson at the Austin ComicCon for a big Bionic blow out November 12-14, 2010.

Anyone going?

If so, photos and anything else you'd like to share, please!

So it's here....Season 1

I was just wondering if anyone got their Bionic Woman season 1 DVDs? If so, let's talk about your impressions. Anyone interested? Loving it as much as you thought you would? Striking you differently after all these years? Any interesting thoughts?

And has anyone heard when the second and third seasons might be out? I know The Six Million Dollar Man is out this coming month, the whole thing. When do we get more BW?

Bionic Woman DVD is almost here!

If you haven't pre-ordered your Bionic Woman Season 1 DVD (for the US and Canada aka Region 1, you should go to your favorite store and do so. They should be shipping in 10 days!
At Chicago ComicCon

Lindsay Wagner and Richard Anderson via Froggy's Photos

This was by Froggy's Photos. I got the print signed, but Froggy's uses Flickr to "deliver" all sizes of jpgs for an extra $10.

It was so wonderful meeting them. There was also a panel with them on Sunday. Plans are for Anderson and Lee Majors to be at Big Apple ComicCon in October, it's apparently still up in the air, even for her, whether Lindsay can make it or not. Much excitement with the first season of Bionic Woman coming out on DVD about the same time, with Six Million Dollar Man following soon.

EDIT: I should note the reason she isn't sure if she'll make it to Big Apple is that she's doing a lot of workshops over seas in the next few months.

Did you catch Lindsay in Warehouse 13?

The episode was on last week, but I thought I'd remind folks that they run the previous week before the airing of the new episode. That means it's on TONIGHT too! Check local listings. It's on SyFy for those who don't regularly watch...like me, I just watched for her!